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The Latest New Read

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The only thing better than surviving graduate education—and completing my doctorate—is a weekend up north with my three best friends from undergrad.

Only all of them bail.

And the rental house is double booked. By a bachelor party. Who thinks I’m the hired entertainment.

So much for renting from a family friend.

Adding to the calamity? That pesky clanking sound I’d ignored the whole ride here results in a car that’s as dead in the water as these weekend plans.

Cue the last person I expect showing up at my driver’s side window. The ex-boyfriend who ghosted me nearly ten years ago the night before we'd planned to leave together for college.

Adam Hoffstetter, who happens to be rehabbing the house next door to the rental, also owned by his folks. He has the nerve to notice I’m stranded and the audacity to offer me a room at his cottage.

And the very worst part? I agreed.

It Happened One Getaway is a second-chance closed door romantic comedy. The upcoming Midwest Mavens series follows Jillian, Hudson, Marcy, and Noah-the-girl as they find their careers and love lives in need of a major reboot.

This story first appeared as Sweet Home Midwest in the Fall Back Into Love collection, published September 2022.