All-Star Love Release

All-Star Love Release

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Maisie Maxwell planned for a senior year of dazzling college scouts by playing her best tennis. Instead, her beloved tennis training academy is thrown into scandal—the academy founder and head coach, who happens to be her uncle—took off to Tahiti with the school’s tuition money. Her classmates label her a traitor, but she commits to graduate from the school she loves.

Only her aim to lay low is thwarted by the school’s new partnership with reality show The Academy, their last ditch hope to stay open.

Also not helping her stay-under-the-radar plan is when her forehand-gone-wild nails transfer student Shane Wagner in the face. Shane, obnoxiously gorgeous for starters, happens to be the number one nationally-seeded player in junior boys’ tennis. Oops. Viewed by the students as an outsider and fame-seeker, Shane is just as much an outcast.

While reality show producers push for chaos, Shane and Maisie band together. They can each get what they want if they play their parts—pretend to be together and control the narrative. Can Maisie and Shane save the school before they’re outmatched?